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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by BPinard, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. BPinard

    BPinard Pianissimo User

    Jun 14, 2005
    Setauket, NY
    I've heard it's useful to reduce lip swelling. Have you ever tried it, and if so, would you recommend it?

  2. Manny Laureano

    Manny Laureano Utimate User

    Sep 29, 2004
    The only time I ever used arnica was for my knees when I was active in martial arts. I was not aware that this was something one could use on mucous membranes like lips.

    So, no, I haven't used it on my lips and haven't experienced the need to thus far.

  3. eoliver

    eoliver Pianissimo User

    Nov 15, 2004
    Albuquerque, NM
    I had heard the same thing and tried it on my chops, and they dried out and cracked. Now, in cases of swelling, I use vitamin E oil.
  4. JackD

    JackD Mezzo Forte User

    Nov 30, 2003
    Manchester / London
    My teacher recommended this to me when I had something like 3 auditions in a week and had over practiced and had swollen lips. Works for me!
  5. lonelyangel

    lonelyangel Pianissimo User

    Nov 8, 2003
    I would guess that at least 75% of pro players in London have a tube of this in their cases or in the medicine cabinet at home - I use it regularly. Not everyday but certainly after really hard days playing. It is a homeopathic remedy to repair damaged tissue and speed the natural process of regeneration that accurs after bruising.

    It is perfectly safe to use on the lips, although the cream may contain alcohol which can evaporate and cause the lips to dry out. It is best to apply liberally and then massage the cream into the lips and the surrounding embouchure muscles until it has been fully absorbed by the tissue. It may even be that this massaging has a beneficial effect in itself but ensuring that the cream disappears should reduce the chance of any drying out. I normally do this as soon as I have finished playing and then again before going to bed at night - only after a really hard day though.

    As with all homeopathic remedies arnica can be taken orally - rathe than as a topical application. The tablets come in various concentrations - most players I know will have a phial of M30 arnica - this seems to be the right level. It would be best to seek the advice of a registerd homeopathic practitioner if you are unsure about this treatment - but in the Uk homeopathic remedies are freely available, without prescription in all pharmacies and most large grocery stores.

    In my experience vitamin E has no effect on swollen or bruised lips but is very useful if you have dry, cracked, flakey or chapped lips. Vitamin E is essential for the replacement and growth of skin cells.

    Are there any medical TM members who can shed some light on this?

    My other top tip for sore, dry or chapped lips is a cosmetic product by Elizabeth Arden called eight hour cream - popularly known as miracle cream - many trumpet playing colleagues have recently been raiding their wives or girlfriends make-up cases to get their hands on this stuff. Be warned though it costs about £20 for a 50ml tube!!

    All the best, Noel.
  6. trickg

    trickg Utimate User

    Oct 26, 2003
    Nice post Noel. I'll have to check into some of that - there are nights coming off of the party band stage that my lips are pretty beat up. Me and ol' Flex Armstrong, up on the stage together! :D

    I also enjoyed your post in the General Trumpet Discussion about pivoting - especially at the end where you said you believed that there is no set right or wrong way to play. I've always thought it interesting how so many people get caught up in the "one way for all" mentality where the trumpet is concerned. While there are certainly some best practices, it seems live for every "rule" regarding trumpet playing, there are people out there who are exceptions to that rule in almost the opposite direction.
  7. fundenlight

    fundenlight New Friend

    Aug 2, 2005
    I've never heard anything of the sort, but before Vizzutti played Carnival of Venus at ITG he used what he called "Doc's Double High C Lip Balm". Of course this was right after he talked about how he was going to mess up on the piece, and right before he played the hell out of it.
  8. Dan Gosling

    Dan Gosling New Friend

    Dec 7, 2004
    Hi everyone!

    Well, there is one product out there that contains arnica, vitamin E and other healing herbs and natural moisterizers. All natural! Check out ChopSaver at

    Check out the testimonials and try some for yourself!

    Dan Gosling
  9. Ralph

    Ralph Pianissimo User

    Jan 27, 2005
    For refief from acute swelling, there really isn't anything better than ice. Causes vasoconstriction and decreases edema fluid and inflammation. Vit E is very good for soft tissues healing and preventing scar tissue. Plastic surgeons have been using it for years. I don't like to take a systemic medication just to treat the lips. Put an ice cube wrapped in a papper towel on them for about 15 minutes. Ice is the sports medicine doctor's miracle drug.
  10. Manny Laureano

    Manny Laureano Utimate User

    Sep 29, 2004
    So, there you go... I HAVE tried arnica cream, just didn't know it.

    I like Chopsaver and have even endorsed its use, so, there you go.


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