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    Apr 21, 2005
    Recently on trumpetherald, I posted about improving my power and projection and developing that full, vibrant orchestral sound. Many people replied and suggested that I "fill" the horn with air and work on my air speed. However, one person said gave me a link a told me to emulate the sound on the link. Well. . .the link turned out to be you playing a new Prana on the Monette sight!!! Until then, I had never heard of you, but the playing was phenomenal

    Anyway, I wanted to know how you set your embouchure. On the video clip it seemed like it took you a while to get thinks just right. Secondly, I wanted to know how your embouchure, airspeed, tongue etc. changes as you ascend. Your upper register has the same full quality as your lower register whereas my upper register (meaning from G above the staff to about C) is somewhat thin. Do you roll in the lips or anything like that. . .
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    Dear jjj,

    It's a funny typo that you wrote "thinks" instead of "things" because what you're interpreting as a physical focus is just me thinking about the music not placement or any other mundane thing.

    I don't subscribe to the current fads about embouchures, tongue levels, rollings in, and such, jjj. My approach is function guided by musical need. However, if there's a general principal I adhere to it's that if you want a consistent sound, then you must have a consistent approach to what you do. There's a lot I've written in response to questions from our brethren so, since you're new here, have fun roaming around!


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