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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by AKtrumpet, Feb 24, 2015.

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    Just kidding, Boss.
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    let's see --- I don't go looking for gigs ---- some of it is my job at a highway dept. which during the winter SUCKS in planning any event, cause I must report into work when it snows. NOW another thing is, I really gigged in Church (in the 90's) for like 7 years -- so I am not totally uncomfortable on stage, out in front and such. Why haven't I looked for gigs??? not really sure ---- a local conductor heard my recent rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner" up an octave at the end --- certainly NOT perfect, but good enough that he wanted me to join his ALL STAR JAZZ BAND ----
    if it boiled down to ONE answer for me, it would be tied up in RHYTHM, I just don't get all the rhythms, and no matter how much I practice with metronome, in time, with the community band ------ I'm really just not a musician, sure I can hold my own in band, can sound real good also ----- but I like have 2 left brains on rhythm and keeping time --- it was just never easy, and just never caught on ----- sure I can concentrate (and I do) in band to make it all come together --- but then sometimes that is just not so much fun
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    kind of like Marching in the community band concerts (a function we discontinued this year) --- I was real happy out in front with the trombone, and playing the marching music --- happy with myself, people were happy with my sound -------------------------- then the conductor came to me one day, said "don't play, but fake it, learn how to march, and then you can play the trombone, OR go back to the trumpet section where nobody notices you can't keep in step" -------------------- wow, this really happened, and what a blow to my happiness in band ------------------------- seems that the band leaders (and we weren't even in competition, just a community band) -- but it seems they were dismayed with my inability to keep in step!!!! ------- so, there is the rhythm, and the coordination problem that always haunts me -- so sad, so very sad, I can play, but can't do much else, like enjoying the moment at the same time ------ so what fun would gigging really be for me??
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    KT, if you really wanted to learn to march, join the United States Marine Corp. Shucks, I don't believe you'll meet their physical criteria, so your only alternative is to enroll in a ball room dance class. Either is just 1 2 3 4 !
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    Yay! Another excuse to post a link to XKCD!
    xkcd: Super Bowl


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    Wow...that was SSSSOOOO counter-productive and mean-spirited.
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    this actually kind of goes back to the OP --- I mean is the instructor personally finding the student incapable of gigging, OR does the student reflect badly on the instructor?? ---------------- so, here I am in this community band (and I am still there by the way) for at least 3 years ------- and the 2 biggest blows were about performances and not in my actual playing ability -------------- I don't look good marching, --- OK so the 2nd was like this, when I composed a piece for community band, the conductors all liked it (so they said), then at the finished piece they played it, and tried to convince me to "make is sound more like all the other pieces" and NOT the original composition I wrote. ----------------------------------------------------------- all this to say, the OP naturally has to overcome some psychological barriers if he is to ask for gigging, OR WORSE YET, ask his instructor, "why NOT recommend me for a gig" --- the OP might not like the answer

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