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    We've combined the two books into one!!

    Give It The 3rd Finger - 101 Studies plus
    12 Etudes and 12 Matching Duets

    All of the studies, etudes, and duets in
    this book target your 3rd finger while
    playing a variety of interesting patterns,
    articulations, and ranges. Developing your
    3rd finger strength, technique, and
    coordination will improve all of your
    abilities to play with more agility,
    musicality, and confidence.

    You can even download a FREE sample PDF of
    the first pages of the sixteenth notes and
    triplets exercises plus two of the

    There are 101 3rd finger studies, and 12
    etudes and 12 matching duets in the full
    printed book (69 pages).

    Get all details at (click this next line link):

    MPH Music - Mark Hendricks -

    Go ahead and SHARE this with your friends,
    I know they will appreciate you thinking
    of them too.

    As always, my best to you --

    Mark Hendricks


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