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    May 23, 2005
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    Mr. Laureano,

    I am going to have an audition for an orchestra coming up (at my Northwestern Institute) and I was wondering, do you have any advice? I've never had an orchestra audition before, and am not quite sure what to expect. They told me that I should have one solo excerpt prepared (for which I have the Hummel, which I played this year for solo and ensemble), the normal scale requirements, and also an excerpt (which, I believe and hope, they are sending me). Sight reading is a possibility they say.
    Aside from the playing aspect of it, do you have any additional advice? I can get pretty high-strung at competitions and such, and anything you, or anyone else, could tell me to maybe put me at ease with the process would be a great help!


  2. Manny Laureano

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    Sep 29, 2004
    Mark all of your breathing sots and stick to them once you've decided that they are the best spots.

    Play for friends and family about three times before you have to audition.

    Breathe nice fat cylinders of air every time you breathe and breathe those cylinders out.

    Can you sing all of your music in correct pitch almost perfectly? Try to do that with every piece while you're playing.

    Enjoy your audition as a performance!

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    Musician- When I saw this report I thought of you. Doug Yeo (bass trombone with the Boston Symphony) wrote this. His website also has alot of other very pertinant information that should be very valuable to you. Just substitute the word "trumpet" every time he mentions trombone!

    Hope that's helpful. Play well!
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