Auditions and the "Hot Seat"

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    Mr. Laureano, I've always been told when practicing orchestral excerpts that one would play them differently in an audition then they would in a live performance. I suppose a good example of that would be that perhaps one would play Ein Heldenleben a little more louder and brighter in a performance than an audition. So my question is, how much of a difference is there from an audition to the "hot seat?" Would you not take some of the liberties you would do on Mahler 5 or Pines on an audition? That's just something that's been on my mind for quite some time, thanks a lot!!
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    Sep 29, 2004
    What a great question!

    It would be very easy to just say "Ah, just play it and pretend you're sitting in an orchestra".

    Well, which orchestra? Which conductor? Which Hall?

    I think your audition performance has to be just that, a performance. However, the portamento I do in a stage setting during Mahler 5 would be different from the one I'd do in an audition. An audition of excerpts is missing the thing that concerts have: context.

    Lacking that context, you have to be judicious about how much you want to juice a given passage. You must be intelligent, tasteful, passionate when you play but you can't be pedantic, over-sensitive, and uncontrolled.

    Wait until you get tenure for that.


    Learn to dance on the line of interpretation so that you can separate daring from recklessness.

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