Avoidance of being too "lip conscious"

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Local 357, Apr 25, 2012.

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    Jun 6, 2010
    Don't stop posting ..... We've all been wondering where you've been. (just kdding)

    What do you call it if you play and your jaw stays where it always is??? You got your receded, your forward ....... What about the one that stays where it was?

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    Jan 28, 2011
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    I would argue that there is a third rule here:

    3. If it ain't broke... Break it!

    After breaking it, a NEW fix may be attempted and with a decent chance that the NEW fix is actually better than the original.

    After some rather agressive playing, I shot off the third valve slide of my brand new Kanstul flugelhorn. Put a nice dent in the curve as a result of a high velocity impact of the valve slide with the floor below. I sent it to a local repair man (who actually tricked out one of Wynton's early Monettes when he was in town) so he really knows what he is doing. He not only repaired the valve, but changed the casing, replaced the pads, and all of this for $30 +tax. The valve action is now SUPER CHARGED and the slide will no why shoot off the horn with his refurbishment of the slide. A keen example of... If it is aint broke... Break it!!!
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