Award winning Chili Recipe...

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  1. rjzeller

    rjzeller Forte User

    Mar 7, 2005
    Rochester, MN
    Here it is. I first promised this on my apnea thread but felt this belongs in its own topic. This has won chili cookoffs at work and elsewhere multiple times over the years, and one guy even pays me $30 for a 1/2 gallon every time I make some now.

    However, I will warn you -- this is NOT for the health concious or the timid pallet. In this case there are only two things that matter, flavor and heat. Health? I'll save that for the rice cake crowd...




    LOTS O' Chili powder
    6-8 Serrano Peppers
    2 Habanero Peppers
    2-4 Cayanne peppers
    Terriyaki sauce
    Worcesterchire sauce
    1 - 12 oz can Beef broth
    2 - 12 oz cans Chicken broth
    6-8 cloves Garlic
    2 large Onions
    1 - 16 oz Tomato sauce
    Brown Sugar
    Masa flour
    Red bell pepper
    2 - 10 or 12 oz cans Red kindney or chili beans

    the meat;
    1 pound Bacon
    1 medium sized pot roast (about 2-3 pounds)
    3 pounds hot Italian sausage

    Step 1:
    prepare the veggies:

    dice the peppers as fine as you can (use a food processer if you want 'cheat' and go simple).Place them into small bowls, but keep them seperate.
    Chop the onions: Mince one as fine as you can and place it aside, dice the other not quite as fine and set aside for use later.
    Dice the red bell pepper.
    Crush the garlic.

    Step 2:
    Set a large (at least 12 quart stockpot) on the stove and set the heat to med-hi.
    Cut the bacon strips into 3rds. Throw this bacon into the food processor and grind until it's about the consistency of hamburger. PLace this into the stockpot and let it cook through. DO NOT DRAIN THE FAT.
    When all of the bacon has begun to brown, throw in the garlic, 1/2 the serrano peppers, and minced onions. Let this cook until the onions have carmelized.
    Once the bacon is fully cooked and the onions have browned, add in the beef broth, chicken broth, Several dashes of Terriyaki and about 1/4 cup of Worchestershire sauce. Stir through, bring to boil, and add 1 tbsp of chili powder.
    Trim excess fat from roast, and set into stockpot and let boil for about ten minutes, then reduce heat to a slow boil/high simmer and let sit for about 1 1/2 hours (or until roast is cooked through).

    Step 3:
    Reduce heat to simmer. Remove the roast from the pot and place on cutting board.
    Cut into strips about 1/4-1/2" thick. You'd be doing yourself a favor it you reserved a strip or two to snack on at this point!!
    Place the roast strips into the food processor and give it about 6-8 pulses until the meat is shredded.
    Add the meat back into the pot. Add another tbsp of chili powder and red bell pepper. Cook 1 more hour.

    Step 4:
    In a seperate pan, cook the sausage and drain fat. Add the sausage into the pot and add remaining onion, serrano peppers, habanero peppers, another Tbsp chili powder. Let cook at least 1 more hour.

    Step 5:
    Take about three heaping tablespoons of masa flour and mix with just enough water to make a wet-paste (not quite runny but not thick or clumpy either). Add this to the chili and increase heat to boil. Add 3 tablespoons of brown sugar and let boil for about 5 minutes. Reduce heat and simmer 30 minutes to an hour. NOTE: The masa should thicken this considerably, if it does not, then you may add additional masa flour as needed or to desired consistency.

    Step 6:
    Add beans, cayanne peppers, and 1 more tbsp chili powder. Let cook 15-20 minutes, then enjoy!!!

    NOTE:: I do just about everything to taste when I cook, so the measures indicated above are merely approximations and can vary depending on what your after. Be careful with the brown sugar...too much can ruin it, so I'd start slowly and add a little until teh right flavor is reached.

    Also, for those died-in-the-wool Texas Chili fanatics out there, I do realize that beans are a no-no, but I like them, so too bad. If you wish to leave them out, that's just fine.
  2. JackD

    JackD Mezzo Forte User

    Nov 30, 2003
    Manchester / London
    Mmmm sounds nice... no idea where I'd get those ingredients though. :-(
  3. tpter1

    tpter1 Forte User

    Jan 12, 2005
    Northern New York
    YEAH! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Thanks, man! Sounds really good....can't wait!
  4. ScreaminRaider

    ScreaminRaider Piano User

    Apr 22, 2004
    San Antonio, Tx
    that sounds really good....does it come with a cardiologist?
  5. davidjohnson

    davidjohnson Piano User

    Nov 2, 2003

    sounds good-no doubt mine is better!!! :lol:

    chop an onion & saute in olive oil or bacon grease 'til tender (mainly because it smells great)
    throw in chunks of beef, pork, & lots of deer burger
    sprinkle in salt, pepper, brown sugar, chili powder as meat browns
    add can of beef broth
    add tomato sauce in desired
    simmer forever, adjust seasonings
    nothing wrong w/beans either


  6. rjzeller

    rjzeller Forte User

    Mar 7, 2005
    Rochester, MN
    Well, David...yours is definitely EASIER!!!!!

    My six-hour chili turns many an aspiring copycat away. The real hard part is I do everything by taste, so getting good measures is tough.

    I used to make my own chili powder, but there just isn't that much difference in flavor between making your own or buying it from the store, so I go the easy route on that now!

    No, it doens't come with your own cardiologist. Maybe it should, though!

    As for the ingredients...the only tough one should be the cayenne peppers -- those are notoriously difficult to find round these parts, so I either grow my own or resort to (GAH!!) the powder you get off the spice rack at the store....

    Deer burger...hmmmmmm.....
  7. davidjohnson

    davidjohnson Piano User

    Nov 2, 2003
    hey...maybe we should have tm chili fest!! lots of chili, beer, farts, trumpet playing...
    since you're in mn, why not try elk burger instead? down here we grind up deer steak with a bit of beef fat to get the burger meat. i'd bet elk-based chili would be outstanding!!

  8. rjzeller

    rjzeller Forte User

    Mar 7, 2005
    Rochester, MN
    Hey...I like it. A trumpetmaster/chili convention! I'm all for it!
  9. Trumpetyoda

    Trumpetyoda New Friend

    Feb 26, 2005
    My chili recipe.

    Step 1. Go to Wendy's

    Step 2. Order 10 small chili's. (about $10)

    Step 3. Pour into big pot.

    Step 4. Serve to friends saying you slaved over the stove for hours.

    Step 5. Remember, Chili is always easier with Dave Thomas cooking for you.
  10. rjzeller

    rjzeller Forte User

    Mar 7, 2005
    Rochester, MN
    If trumpetyoda ever invites me over to supper...I think I'll have to take a pass, or a huge bottle of tobasco....

    Wendy' insult the chili gods!!!!

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