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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Rich Wetzel, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. BrassOnLine

    BrassOnLine Piano User

    Nov 22, 2007
    Sorry, but when you're paid to sell Bach trumpets, you're expected to do so.
    Automatically, your advise on trumpet brands is 0.
    BTW I agree with Robin: Spada do a fine job. Better than it is supposed of Bach.
    Sadly, there are a lot of people making very good improvements on Bach (Najoom, Blackburn, Spada, Malone, myself as well...). That's so simple to improve the qualities of a Bach, as it is a good standard, but with not consistent making (play before you pay).
    Now most people is hanging their bachs to move to other brands (most Bach clones but better made, such as B&S, Zeus and Kanstul).
    Bach should change a lot of things before I think again in buy another one.
    Anyway, I wish to you the best of luck.
    Congratulations for your new endorsement.
  2. RobertSlotte

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    Jul 7, 2008
    it is difficult to know who to listen to when it comes to horns...Im thinking for exeample on the page....95% of the reviews are "anonymus" other words; dealers and sellers may put in a very GOOD word for the brand.

    There is and will never be a better way "to know" then to test the horns PERSONLY
  3. ewetho

    ewetho Piano User

    Jun 24, 2007
    Kankakee, IL
    Hey BrassOnLine what do you mean his advice is worth ZERO. He is a Pro that found he liked it and freely admits...

    "In the end we all try and pick what we like."

    So he does not say it is the answer for everyone.... Merely suggests you might try this model with an open mind. If you like it great, if not so what. Did not say go buy one now, but give it a chance..... You too may be surprised.

    Sure those Mods are Mods. And for some people they are not improvement but just alterations and changes. Heck Phil Smith is better than most of us on here and he uses a stock of the shelf 229/25H Bach C Trumpet. Sure if all those Mods were Improvements he'd have them done but yet his is stock. And if they are improvments why do most of the frankenhorns seem to get less $$$ on Ebay and trading portion of these forums.....

    Just a thought....
  4. BrassOnLine

    BrassOnLine Piano User

    Nov 22, 2007
    Firstly I want not to offend anyone.
    Just said that if you are expected to sell Bach trumpets, and you're paid for, you should do this.
    I'm Pro and trumpet maker. I would never tell to my customers that my trumpets are the best. I just say that those are very good, but should try.
    Most times, I receive calls of people interested in my trumpets and, after a long chat, I release that they don't need my trumpets, but maybe a few modifications on their horns, so I tell them (ALTHOUGH MY BUSINESS IS TO SELL THE TRUMPETS I MAKE !!!).
    Fair play, please.
    Jut another point:
    Phil Smith doesn't played on stock Bach. Check some thread at this or many other forum... As well as the "Bach pressure" against people who doesn't play on Bachs by Phil Smitj and many others...
    Best regards
  5. B15M

    B15M Forte User

    Dec 30, 2003
    Monroe Ct.
    I'm sure the first post was not meant to deceive us. The information about him working for Bach was easily attainable. It just wasn't in the post.

    That doesn't mean his opinion is worthless. He is still a pro. Listen to what he is playing on My space.

    When we go to the store to buy a TV, we have our guard up a little because we are dealing with a guy that wants to sell the TV. On here it's a little different. This forum is kind of like Consumer Reports. We should always have our guard up just a little regardless, because most posters are anonymous.

    What does Phil Smith play on. I read an interview that said it is a stock Bach
  6. TrentAustin

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    Oct 28, 2003
    Boston, MA
    shouldn't this be in the "horns" forum btw?
  7. ewetho

    ewetho Piano User

    Jun 24, 2007
    Kankakee, IL
    He had a post in that section too but the Mods deleted that one.
  8. Brass crusader

    Brass crusader Mezzo Piano User

    I think that everyone has a horn that they like. As we all know, horns are a very personal choice amongst players. I play with others whose horns I cannot stand, and vice versa. We can read advertisements, hear testimonials, hear rumors, have opinions, but the choice is untimately personal. What one person loves or claims to love isn't what we should all love. My advice is that everyone play all the horns they can, find what they do and don't like, and tell people their opinions. We should always remember that these are opinions, and sometimes opinions can be altered by one's position or relationship to a brand.
    I'm gonna try to play one of these 182s if I can find one in a store.:cool:

    Good Luck

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