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    My only experience with a Bach flugel was a pretty bad one. One time when I was in college (sometime in the mid 80's) I had my personal flugel (Yamaha 631) in the shop for routine maintenance and thourough cleaning. I needed a temporary flugel for rehearsals for a few days so I went and checked out one of the school flugels they had on hand. I happened to be a Bach . Not any student of the line Bach Strad flugel.
    My impressions were as I recall....ok sounding horn yet nothing special. It had quite a few intonation quirks, more so than other flugels I have played. Perhaps it was just a fluke bummer Bach or maybe since it was a loaner horn, it needed some maintenance itself but I had a hard time playing on it and could not wait to get my Yammie back.

    I know this probably does not have anything to do with considering a brand new Bach flugel these days but all I know is that to this day Bach would not be the first brand name that would pop in my head if I were considering buying a new flugel. I'm not Bach bashing ,as I have played some fine Bach trumpets in my time. I am just sharing my experience
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