Bach Strad 37 Problem

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    someone buys a horn, hears something and contacts us (with their very first post) not the seller (or their teacher,.....).

    Most of the time, players do not hear airy things that come out of the bell. The only source for that audible of a noise would be the spit key. That, on the other hand makes no sense because F, G# and G (especially with 1+3) all supposedly make this noise. Those notes have the pressure nodes spaced far apart. That would probably rule out the leaky waterkey.

    My suggestion is to have a player better than you try the horn. I suspect something in your practice room is more resonant than the horn.........
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    Mar 21, 2006
    The slides could have loose tolerances.
    Put a heavy grease such as lanolin on your MTS, dump slide, 2nd slide and the threads of the valve caps (not too much because you don't want the lanolin getting on to the valves)
    Oil your 1st and 3rd slides with something thick like the selmer red slide grease.
    Check that all screws are tight as well as the valve buttons, stem. Also check that the valve springs are correctly sitting in the recess of the valve guide.
    Check the hex-key set-screw on the slide retaining rod for tightness.

    Sometimes a loose slide will vibrate when a thick enough grease is absent. On my Calicchio, the 2nd slide has had some work done on it, and the tolerance is no longer good, so I have to put a very thick grease on it to prevent it from buzzing when I play notes that use just the 2nd valve. Sometimes if I let the grease dry up, it will buzz so much it will fall out.

    I also once serviced a horn for a customer who hadn't had it cleaned in years. He came back a week later complaining that his horn wasn't playing correctly anymore and was buzzing. It turns out that the crud that had built up on the slides prior to cleaning it was making up for the poor tolerance of the 1st slide. He had to switch to a heavier grease and use an O ring to prevent the buzzing because of the way he held the horn.
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