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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by TrumpetSaiyan777, Jun 5, 2013.

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    Apr 26, 2012
    Two weeks ago I got brave and went to visit Prozone in Chesham (UK). They brought out loads of instruments for me to look at, and play. They were most welcoming and helpful. I had spotted an 'Project Impulse' prototype (2nd hand) on their website which took my fancy, but was open to buy whatever worked best with me, rather than what I decided was the flashest. After all, I do have to listen to myself play after all.

    I worked through various horns, the Impulse was good, and for a while seemed to be the best play. They tried to tempt me out of my price bracket with a Schagerl (good try), and though it was clearly a better horn I couldn't justify the cost (debt). And after playing about 8 different horns, with two of my mpc's, I was left with the Project Impulse, and A.N.Other. In the end, to my mental dismay, I had to concede that I was happiest playing the A.N.Other - which is why I have written in this thread. It is a Bach TR400 (new - silver plated - but good discount).

    I had never imagined ending up with a Bach, especially not a Chinese made one. But it works for me.As it was their last one (and the trial one) I got a good discount, along with a free mpc, and good advice about looking after it properly - having and using a silver cloth, for instance, as well as washing it out frequently.

    2 weeks later it still plays well (though I do not seem to have improved at all :-( ). I have given it a clean, and several bits of space junk have come out of it (sorry, 'Tone maggots'), and I imagine yet more will appear. So, to our poster, yours also might be new but yes, clean it, look after it, and it will do you better service than if you wave a hanky at it occasionally.

    (P.S. Prozone, UK, Chesham, gets my vote for being helpful but not pushy. Thanks guys).
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    Dec 4, 2011
    Thanks guys, this is really helpful and I'm really learning from your help. :)

    From what I see, giving my Bach Strad with hot water will cause it to peel, but warm water should be safe and won't have any harmful effects on the lacquer or anything else? I read the small yellow Bach warning label that came with my horn about using hot water, and I wanted to be sure what was safe.

    Also, I think most people are saying that most of the "gunk" buildup happens in the mouthpiece/leadpipe area. Should I be cleaning those more often than the monthly bathing, tube cleaning, and valve cleaning?

    After I give my Trumpet a bath, should I use the microfiber cloth to dry it off, or should I get a different cloth for drying?
  3. gbshelbymi

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    Jan 3, 2013
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    OP, you don't have to worry about the statements here about hot vs. warm water. You have a silver horn, so it's not lacquered. Hot water won't harm the finish of your horn at all.
  4. gbshelbymi

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    Jan 3, 2013
    Travelers Rest, SC
    And congrats, BTW. You have nice parents.
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    Brushing out the mouthpiece with cold water should in some cases be done daily, especially if you've been eating. A swab after each session through the leadpipe helps keep that clean. The gunk that collects contains food and dead skin from the inside of our mouths. I know, Eeewww!
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    Harky, you are absolutely correct here - I can claim it as a genuine typo - the sentence should have read hot water should definitely NOT be used on a lacquered trumpet. I have edited the first post at your suggestion.

    (Thinks: How Embarrassment)
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  7. Ed Kennedy

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    Nov 18, 2006
    YOu can get a mouthpipe swab (like a clarinet swab) Tim Wendt makes em and Bob Reeves as well. Run it through the mouthpipe and tuning slide after each use.
  8. Harky

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    Feb 22, 2013
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    Check my posting earlier on this thread. Yes other posters are correct: warm or hot are okay with silver trumpets. They are not laquered. Brass are lacquered and hot water will surely melt your lacquer. To be safe just always use warm water on any horn.

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