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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by trumpet blower88, Aug 13, 2005.

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    Jun 15, 2005
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    Lately, (the last couple years), I've been putting forth alot of effort into learning new instruments. Whenever I would first pick up a new instrument I would start compleatly from scratch with the most basic books to learn from and then move on up to where I've happy with my playing. In order to keep my trumpet chops up while learning the new instruments I promised myself that for every minute on the frenh horn/flute/sax/whatever, I would spend a minute practiceing trumpet too.

    This is where my problem occours. I took a look back today and I've realized I havn't really been practicing trumpet the way I should be. I've just been playing though the music and a few scales and lipslurs and whatnot. I can play all the music fine, I can play my scales. Everything I need to be successful in highschool I can do just great. However, today I picked up the Arban's book for the fist time in quite a while. I found that I really need start focusing my practice time on the basics. I played though about 20 differant pages from the Arban's book, but only about 4 pages came easily for me, the rest I really struggled with.

    So today I decided that I was going to start going back to the basics and getting a good foundation for my trumpet playing. My question is though, Where do I start? Is it reasonable to just start on page 1 of the Arbans book and work on one or two pages a day and then move on to the next section when I feel compleatly comfortable with those few pages? Or are there certain sections I should focus on?

    I guess to make my question as simple as possible I should just ask: What are some good excersizes from the Arban's book that focus on going back to the basics and building a good foundation?

    Hopefully I'm not to far behind and that I can catch up fairly quickly. Thanks in advance for your advice.

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    Oct 24, 2003
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    David, there are some exceptional teachers/players in Phoenix. I'd suggest you consider John Marciando as a private teacher. A year from now if you apply what John teaches you, that Arban and much else about making music with the trumpet will seem very easy.

    Find the best private teacher you can (not just the closest), practice well and really apply yourself to learning music through the trumpet, play in all the best ensembles you can, listen to as much fine music as possible and see where your talents might take you.

    Go listen to Mr. Hickman's recital this fall. Be prepared to pick up your jaw as you leave.
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    Nov 2, 2003
    What Dave said is right on!

    I might add the obvious: you need to develop a daily fundamental routine. A consistent warm-up followed by 30 minutes or so of concentrated work on Clarke, Arban’s, Sachs, or Vizzutti’s method books.

    For Arban's work on a few things from each section. Hit the first studies, intervals,some fast single tonuging stuff, and double/triple tounging everyday!

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