Back up plans.

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by JackTheMusician, Jan 6, 2014.

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    At 16 I was into science and computers (the Apple Mac was brand new back then) as well as loving playing trumpet (and euphonium) with my village band. A music career in that country meant leading a fairly impoverished life I was told, so I focused on engineering in uni. I did put my name down for the uni's music degree course but wasn't accepted into that due to my lack of formal music training before then, so as a backup plan that wouldn't have worked. My realistic backup would have been to head overseas to study or work in the UK. Engineering took me to mainland Europe where I made hay for a few years then a fabulous young lady took me to Australia where I discovered the engineering I did was mainly done in other countries, so my next backup - IT/software - kicked in. I'm not sure I would ever have made it as a pro trumpet player, either financially or in terms of skill, but I'm always trying to improve the latter. Oddly enough perhaps, my IT job led me to one of the greatest band experiences I ever had, so you never know I suppose.
    (Aside - I sometimes feel bad that I've got an excellent pro trumpet (or two) because I could afford them, but some of the really good trumpeters I encounter at festivals or shows have only what look like old beaten up horns because I think they can't afford something else.)

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    Nope young Jack is talking about becoming a military musician. An admirable goal, however he said Army. Which is OK, if he wants to settle for second best ( like you do with Kanstul ), but if he wants to join the best then it has to be the Royal Marine Band Service. Where he will encounter Smith Watkins. :cool:
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    At 16 I had been playing in a local big band, 3rd and 4th book, for 2 years. Had to enter clubs through the back door for gigs. At 18 I went to school on a music scholarship--before I turned 19 I decided school was a waste and dropped out. Got drafted and spent 3 1/2 years in the United States Army (as a Medic--at the time I was inducted they weren't even auditioning trumpet players). Did a little "on call" work while I was in the Army. After my discharge I just played for my own enjoyment--wife and kids kept me from pursuing a professional career. Later I did a little "on call" in Southern California. Lately I've been playing in community bands and looking forward to retirement. In 2 years the only job I will have is playing my trumpet (no more community band stuff). And that is my back-up plan--playing full time after I can afford it.
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    At 16 I'd left school and had a job. Spare time was split between girls, rugby, athletics, football and basketball. No trumpets involved until 20 years later, when I was too old for althletics and basketball, bored with football. My wife made me give up girls. Still played rugby and volleyball. Gave up volleyball in my forties and rugby when I was 50. Now it's trumpet, cornet and flugel. Playing in Orchestra, Concert Band and Brass Bands.
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    At 16 I had no doubt that I would make my living as a musician. I was planning on becoming a band teacher but harbored dreams of playing jazz in clubs, hopefully in Paris or Copenhagen because of the life styles and women. My immediate route was to go to North Texas State University (now University of N. Texas) because of its jazz program. So I hopped an airplane (and Greyhound bus from the coast!!!) and headed to Texas, taking full advantage of everything I could at the school. I got interested in composition and that opened doors to another musical life. It's been a very long journey as a composer/arranger, then a musical director with mainly woodwind playing on the side.

    I did make it to Paris and Copenhagen (and Tokyo and Moscow to boot) and I'm a happy camper. I never, ever, thought of spending a day outside of music. It's worked for me. It'll work for you but you have to really want it, know how to put a mosaic of musical activities together to make a living, and have the inbred feeling that music isn't something you want to do - it's something you can't not do.
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    The best there is.
    This was what I wanted aged 16. However parents and teachers persuaded me that a safer career being a dentist was what I should do. If only I were 16 again and know what I do now. Dentistry does however allow me a great degree of freedom to still play lots of music (and feed the N+1).
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    Jack, good questions, at 16 I was well on the way to implementing my back-up plan - I had already given the trumpet playing away and was concentrating on my education - but not concentrating too hard you understand. Life has a way of flipping doors open as you whistle past concentrating on something else - I slipped through a couple of those doors. Oh, the back up plan .... just wait. 37 years after putting the trumpet away in the cupboard (yes, somewhere in the back of my mind the back-up plan included my horn) I had a midlife crisis, and the plan began to take form, but I was unaware - even my back-up plan was a door flipping open. I had my under-graduate degree, I had my post-grad, I was a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer of some standing, I was a qualified teacher majoring in aircraft maintenance - but my youngest son initiated the back-up plan, when he asked me to get my trumpet out and play with him on his brand new trombone - back-up plan blast off - 12 years later, that plan is still in train. Important note: don't sell or give away your first trumpet - ever.
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    I did it... :cry::cry::cry:
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    I am honored by your promoting me to number two. This has been a process. But it's working. So when are you going to promote your Eclipse upward toward my rating. By the way... how low have you rated the Eclipse?
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    At age 16, I was still six years away from playing trumpet at all... I was trying to understand advanced maths (have not succeeded to this day) and was planning to be a teacher for English and History... only music was a rather hated piano and a weekly choir rehearsal.
    Things turned out very different!

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