Back with a new video of my 5 year old and a question

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by samsplace, Aug 30, 2009.

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    Well, you could always go and rent a flute and join the fray. Family jam sessions are always a lot of fun. But, seriously, if your (dd?)s are as natural as your 5-year old is, the musical training will not only fulfill the yearnings of their soul but could be a meaningful future career although most musicians are not rock stars or soloists at Carnegie Hall. But, hey, there are a lot worse things that kids could be doing. It seems like you have a pretty amazing bunch. Enjoy that while you can.

    Thanks for the updates.
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    I recently picked up my flute from my parents house and just bought a book to remind me of the fingers. Amazing the quirky things a family will do when you don't have tv robbing us of time. My husband actually rented a cello for me at Christmas because I mentioned I have always wanted to play the cello. I taught myself few songs and decided that there really wasn't time in the mix for me to be taking lessons as well. Hopefully soon, my kids will be able to give me lessons! Once they are up to a full size violin, I figure I can start learning that. In the meantime, I do need to start remember the flute fingerings.

    Their autism spectrum behaviors are starting to make so much more sense as they get older! I hope my last post didn't come out wrong, I am thrilled to support their musical interests. I just feel so inept in doing do!!

    Bob, I forgot to thank you for the book recommendation. I have heard great things about this book and need to get it added to my reading list.

    Any suggestions for books on raising musical kids? I read one from the library a while back (can't remember the title) and that is where I found the suggestion that that violin can be a better starting instrument for some kids. I honestly think that it might have been a better instrument for me. I found the piano so incredibly frustrating and never progressed to the point of enjoying it. I enjoyed the flute much more, but did not want to commit my electives to band in high school.
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    samsplace, I don't know if you are in need of a flute fingering chart but here is a start.

    If you need some scores for flute - I have some Christmas Carols for 1st flute.
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