Bad idea to change embouchure?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by daniel117, Oct 10, 2012.

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    John, so well stated, and so true. I hope others reading this can learn in being more cautious from your post.

    This faily much states what Richtom posted. I absolultely agree with Richtom, and your post puts a real person's experience as an example of what he says. Additionally, as a physician that teaches muscle physiology at a medical school, and Richtom's comment, "Put your mouthpiece where it feels best and stop fooling around with things you do not really comprehend yet," I can truly confirm that Richtom's advice is very consistent with all the knowledge I have with muscle physiology and what it takes to use muscle wisely and when need to adapt to change when things become uncomfortable.

    Remember pain and lack of control are actually our friends. Our neuro system and ability to rationalize results of our situation through cognitive integration provides us with the feedback we need to improve. If we do not listen or feel this feedback, we will not improve, and in fact may harm ourselves. These sensations and sensory feedback loops are telling us that we are using what the Great Designer has given us in either the right or the wrong way, and we should seek change to what "feels comfortable" for you specifically. For a teacher to tell you it's my way or the highway, proceed immediately for the exit ramp and drive away from this teacher.
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    Players that practice in a sensible manner (don't try to play DHC's for 30 minutes) rarely have practice inflicted issues. Players that are always changing things up trying to cheat nature, end up with issues. Does it REALLY matter whether you blow upstream or downstream??!! If you would just practice sensibly, you will progress at a sensible rate. The only way you could tell if you are up or down is with a clear mpc. IF I was the person challenging you for a position, my advice would be, YES! Most definitely change your embouchure! BTW, here's a mpc that will give you better tone, fuller sound and extended range. :bash::bash::bash::bash::bash:

    Now go practice!

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