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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by madmattm, Apr 25, 2010.

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    rowuk sez:
    We improve by practicing more and making a bigger deal out of music. There is no "better sound by the numbers".
    You're spot on as usual. Make a bigger deal out of the music. However
    Unless I'm reading the second part wrong, I'd have to disagree.
    There are "better sound by the numbers" ways to develop a better sound. A lot of that has to do with getting the most sound out of the trumpet they have.
    A person's sound develops just like any other aspect of their playing through time. A person in 8th grade will probably "sound" different than when they are 34 pending they continue to play.
    Yes I agree that the basic color palate will might be there in both ages but the refinement of the basic sound can be profound.
    As for "by the numbers" I would suggest that there's a by the numbers way of getting the best sound out of the trumpet they have.
    I've helped people go from a dark lifeless sound to a vibrate sound by simply suggesting that they do basic things like bending the note to find where the horn seems to sound best. Breathing (I always talk about circle of breath, thank you!) and imagry, Imagine that you are singing when you play.
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    I tend to agree with Markie's assessment - there are definitely proven ways to improve sound - soft long tones have long been a prescription to help an ailing sound because they help the player to acquire support, good air flow, breath control and focus in the chops. I also agree that sometimes a player might not even be aware that they aren't playing in the center of the horn until someone comes along and shows them how to relax a bit and let the chops do the work.

    For me, sound development was something that went hand-in-hand with my overall development, and I never had to work very hard to develop it - it just kind of came along with the territory, although at one point in HS I did start incorporating long tones into my regular practice and my sound solidified even more at that point.

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