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  1. Dreads

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    Jun 9, 2010
    Basically my lips are beat to crap,from what I think is too much time on the horn. I am very concious about how much pressure I use so I don't think this is the problem... Took a day off, no change. Should I just play soft long tones for a week or two?
  2. bagmangood

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    Try take a few days off - and coming back to playing with soft long tones for a while.
    If you have a week or two to spare, definitely use it! Taking multiple days off in a row can really help if you've really beat yourself up.
    Gone Fishing!|Andrew McCandless, Trumpet
    While he's a little extreme, moderate versions of that can be helpful
    Good luck!
  3. Markie

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    Jan 4, 2009
    Clarksburg, WV
    If you are a regular performer, then the problem may me more mental than physical. I know when I can't get my mind in the music (due to a cold or dramatic events) I end up not using the best mechanics in the world. However, when I have my mind in the music, all goes well.
    Hope this helps
  4. Dreads

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    Jun 9, 2010
    Thanks for the reply's.

    I have quite a lot of spare time as I'm only 15.I think I'll take a few days off, 3 or 4 maybe, Then come back with extremely soft long tones for a week or so. Then build back up to my CG and Clarke studies over the course of a week or two. Thanks for the help! :)

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