band director told my child to change instruments :(

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by trumpetmom94, Nov 22, 2009.

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    I have a deal in another thread to never be cynical again if the poster can prove he is real. He hasn't done it yet so I (at least for today) can still do it.

    I still don't believe that Trumpetmom is real. She knows way to much about what we do and her posting stile is to "Trumpet Masterish"
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    All well and good B15, you may or may not be correct, but there is nothing abusive, or stupid, or ranting, about Trumpetmom's posts so someone else may well be able to glean some gems from the discussion - so, IN THIS CASE - and because of the general sanity and reasonable focus of the discussion - what's the harm? (Assuming you are correct).
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    This sounds too familiar-just like the fat kid who wants to play basketball,the coach says,"you should try wrestling", -I'd be talking to that instuctor, and teacher as well. If a kids deam gets shattered, what might that do to them in the long run? Dont give up, Mom!!
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    Nov 21, 2009
    I have NO idea how to prove to you I'm real...hmmm, but I'm not sure WHY it matters one way or the other... I asked for help and I got WONDERFUL help...
    but I thank you all for your advice. I think what we needed to hear was NOT to give up... now, based on your suggestions, he's practicing more.
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    What a load of rubbish! Your child's health and welfare come first. Braces are no big deal! My son got into Juilliard only 1 year after getting his braces removed. Find a good teacher. Look for one who teaches at a nearby college or university.
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    Jun 11, 2006
    The following quote is a load of crap.

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    I have been a middle school band director for 25 years. I can tell you that from my experience, Rowuk is right. Braces can be a curse, and usually are at least a problem to be overcome. Do kids succeed with braces? Sure. Do braces cause some kids massive problems? You bet. Can a kid overcome the problems? Yes, they can work past them. Each kid is different.

    Playing euphonium is not the end of his trumpet carrier. I frequently suggest euphonium to kids with braces who are struggling, kids with embouchure problems who are struggling, kids who play habitually with too clenched of a jaw setting, etc. Usually, the larger mouthpiece helps them. Some refuse to change. Cool, that is their decision. Some switch and improve, then go back to trumpet the next semester or year. Some find they love euphonium and continue on it. I remember one girl who had problems with the trumpet mouthpiece. She was adamant about not switching. Eventually she gave it a try. She went on to become the euphonium soloist with the top high school band. Does it help every kid? Of course not. We are all different.

    Instead of trolling for opinions on this forum, go talk to the band director and get direct information about what is up.
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    Find out where he is lacking (according to the band director). Write it down and have the private instructor work with your son on these goals.
  9. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    I am not a school music teacher, but think that many times they get a bum rap - especially by parent that think they know everything better. In this case we have a 30 minute practicer with braces and the teacher opens a possible door for a quick fix. I think that is worth consideration. The mom asked for some advice and got all sides covered. That is not rubbish, that is life.

    Putting braces into perspective, they have little to do with health and welfare. Only proper care is required for that.

    I have had hundreds of students in my 30+ years of teaching, many with braces. I am not convinced that they are always in the interest of the child. You and your son may have been lucky but more likely he is simply not a 30 minute practicer..........................

    Trumpetmom seems to have an open mind and I think that she has enough to go on now. The decision is the childs - show how important it is, or live with it.
  10. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    Now that is a really qualified statement!

    Maybe I have not had enough experience with high school music teachers that are real losers.

    Most of the ones that I know are in the shadow of the sports department, have to fight for budget, beg the kids to practice and come up with ingenious ways to keep the kids motivated. I don't think that I personally know one single music teacher that I do not respect.

    As far as braces go, I simply question the means justifying the ends. It is simply a fact that they can be very demoralizing for wind players. My oboe playing daughter could not practice on days where the wires were tightened. She was normally a 1.5-2 hour per day practicer and it was HER decision on the braces. I presently have a student whose playing has been devastated. We have been working on advanced breathing, articulation and rhythm in the staff as not much range is left. She plays still at least an hour a day. We have tried wax, plastic protectors, low pressure. The chops simply will not cooperate.

    Of course there are examples of success and failure. The important part is getting a realistic picture and dealing with it.

    Unqualified comments are crap. Let me know what you had problems with.

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