Bar Mitzvah

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    If during the service, you should consult the Rabbi and Cantor to 1) make sure that your musical participation in the service is appropriate ( in many synagogues it would not be). 2) if appropriate they could give you suggestions as to what would fit into the service. 3) if they leave it up to you them Siman Tom and Mazel Tov would work immediately after the Bar Mitzvah portion of the service is over. In other portions of the service accompanying Ose Shalom or Adon Olam might work, but confirm it with the service leaders and confirm which of the many available melodies they use.
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    Not to say there is a lot of money in suburban Detroit, but a few years ago, maybe 13 or so, we played a Bat Mitzva.
    Our big band was the first act, "Pink" came on after us.

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