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    I can't say for certain about Bud...I do know that he used a Bass trumpet mouthpiece and even owned a Bass trumpet that he practiced on...But I'm not sure if he found these as devices for rehab or not.
    As far as Stevens goes, he told me he used a Baritone as part of a rehab from an accident he had with one of his dogs.
    I had a car accident a while back and I was having problems. I knew the story about Stevens and I asked him about it and he confirmed the story. He told me he did Vocalise on them and that it was like a "blood bath" for you lips, he felt it brought the blood back into his lips.
    My own personal feelings are that it can be theraputic and I found it quite helpful.

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    John Hagstrom is a big advocate of using the bass trumpet mouthpiece and bass trumpet for warm-ups and warm down. He got the idea from Herseth who did this for before heavy days with the CSO. There is an ITG interview from a few years back in which Herseth mentions it( you can also see the mouthpiece in one of the pictures if you look REAL close), in that same article he mentions that he played baritone in high school when his lips were busted playing basketball.

    If you really want to get into the bass trumpet thing find some way to contact Hagstrom or one of his students. They can set you up with on of the mouthpieces and an article by Hagstrom detailing his ideas for use of it.

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