Baroque Trumpetissimo!

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    Feb 19, 2005
    Hi Ed,

    I was noticing that you are on the Baroque Trumpetissimo CD - quite a line up of players!

    Just wondering, when that many world class players get together, how do you determine who is musically "in charge" on a piece - matters concerning articulation, length, weight, etc. I would imagine that players of your caliber don't have to discuss those things, you just hear them, but who "sets the standard" - whoever is playing principal on the piece?

    Any interesting stories from that experience?

    Great CD, thanks for putting it out there for us to hear!
  2. ecarroll

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    Jul 13, 2005
    Hi J,

    BT was the result of a week-long masterclass, given by Steve Burns (faculty member and organizer), Armando Ghitalla, and myself at the Manhattan School.

    The class was followed my concerts at the Metropolitan Museum and SUNY Purchase with Philharmonia Virtuosi, a chamber orchestra that I was principal trumpet of for many years. I don't remember much about the concerts other than playing the Jean Rivier Concerto (w/alto sax) and replacing Mundy in the Zbinden Double Concerto (with Steve -- an American premiere) who suddenly couldn't participate due to a trip to the hospital. This resulted in yet another heart by-pass for AG and successfully scared the daylights out of SB & EC.

    The baroque concerti were recorded live in Purchase (with a short "clean-up" session immediately afterwards) and the trumpet ensemble bits were done the following day in a church in New Jersey. Tim Morrison and Ray Mase were added to the band on that last day.

    I chose the tunes that were recorded (ESS.A.Y is owned by the conductor of Philharmonia Virtuosi) and we probably just went to whoever was playing the loudest for style. Funny how that happens. . .

    Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane,

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