Bay Colony Brass Performance

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    Jan 13, 2005
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti

    Last evening I had the distinct pleasure to attend a
    performance by the Bay Colony Brass, an ensemble of
    brass musicians in the tradition of the great Philip
    Jones Brass Ensemble.

    Led by the capable direction of tubist Jerry Cadden,
    principal conductor, and assistant conductor Thomas
    Spataro, the group performed sectional pieces as well as
    large pieces, with a nice blend of classical/serious
    music and popular/light selections.

    Special standouts in the trumpet section were
    excellent first trumpeters, Chris McGann and Katherine
    Evans, both of whom sport beautiful, rich, symphonic tones
    and a strong commend of trumpet technique.

    But the delight of the evening was hearing TPIN's own
    Jim Becker, of Osmun Music, performing several solos
    on the flugelhorn! I particularly enjoyed Jim's work
    on an adaptation of Appalachian Spring, and *Dulcinea*,
    part of an arrangement of tunes from Man of La Mancha.

    Too often I hear trumpeters who play the flugelhorn
    like it's a trumpet with a thyroid problem!
    They overblow, and mistongue, and have no conception
    of blending, which the flugel does so well.

    This was NOT the case with Jim! Solid, rich, full
    sound, good intonation, and perfect style. Bravo, Jim!

    The program was as follows:

    FestFanfare (1978) by Alfred Uhl, arr. Cadden

    Interval Music (2000) by Chris Hazell

    Galliard Battaglia (1621) by Samuel Scheidt, arr
    (the five trumpets performed this, with Chris McGann
    and Katherine Evans as leads)

    Why Fumeth in Sight (1567) by Thomas Tallis, arr.
    (the four trombonists performed this, led by
    principal trombonist Roger Hecht, whose beautiful sound and
    phrasing set the tone for the entire bass line)

    Russian Funeral (1936) by Benjamin Britten

    -- Intermission--

    Robinson's Grand Entree by Karl King, arr Cadden

    Fanfare for Barcs (1989) by Kerry Turner
    (performed by the horn section, with some amazing
    low range work by Neil Godwin, who shown in the upper
    register as well!)

    633 Squadron (1964) by Ron Goodwin, arr. Deik

    Impressions of Appalachian Spring (1945) by Aaron
    Copland, arr. Bourgeois
    (Jim Becker on solo flugelhorn!)

    Overture to Man of La Mancha (1965) by Mithc Leigh,
    arr. Cadden
    (featuring Jim Becker on *Dulcinea*)

    Encore was Rolling Thunder, and roll it did!

    If you have a chance to hear this group, you will
    enjoy it thoroughly: great blend, intonation, tone, and

    Also in attendence were Terry Casey, Pam Madsen,
    Marty Rooney and Dave Douglas. We had a TPIN impromptu
    post-concert meeting at a local restaurant.

    Here's a link to the group's website:

    Take Care!
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    Nov 19, 2003
    Hi Jeanne,
    Welcome to TM.
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    Jan 13, 2005
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti
    Thanks, Wilmer:

    Been around for a while, but haven't done much posting! Now that the book's release is imminent (FINALLY!), I'm hoping to have more of a presence on TH and TM as well as TPIN....

    Talk to you soon,

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