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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by trumpetaddict, Jun 27, 2011.

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    Oct 29, 2010
    I disaree with you people saying that it is to late to deside to become a professional trumpet player. If you read about the norwegian hornist Froydis Ree Wekre Froydis Ree Wekre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) Shee originaly started on Violin and as a 17 year old desided to start to play horn, three years after that she debutaded with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. If you have the tallent you can make it.

    I am also thinking about trying to be a professional trumpeter, if its as a solist, in a orchestra or as a teacher. I don´t know how it is in USA or other countrys, when you say you go in 11. grade do not ay me anything, i am starting in th 10. grade after summer (that means i´m 15 years old) and this year is going to be difficult, beacouse i have final exams and other stuff in school i have to think about. Therfore it´s not that much time for playing as i have now. I have a good practice routine and practise 4 - 6 hours a day, in the Arban, clarke, Irons and so on. I have two tachers, on Russian who has played in the St. Petersburg symphony orchestra, i go to him two times a week. And a highly skilled teacher with a long experience with teaching and a master in piccolo. I don´t have much of a reportoire sinse i only have played in 3 1/2 year, but i practise as much as i can. I also go to auditions, to get in to orchestras, bands, schools..

    Before my two auditions in May, i had a really good practise period, i practised 6 hours a day, and the wewk before the audition i was home from school, stayed at my grandparents house a went and had a two hour session with my teacher, and after the sessions i practised for 6 hours, and i felt that this is what i want, i could do this for a loong time, have these long good practise days, and really feel the difference from day to day. But when i have school with the final exams, i can´t fo this (as much as i did this year)

    But just don´t give up, when you have desided to be a trumpeter, you follow your dream. Try not to get de motivated by the bad days and use the good days to get more motivation.

    Know i´m younger than you, and probable has played in a shorter period of time than you, but i´m just say´n it:D

    Good luck
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    I have just remembered a favourite lecturer's mantra regarding being a professional musician:
    "On time, in time, in tune ... and don't smell" :)
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    Woah! 12 hours a day that's intense. Do you mind me asking what it is you practice in that 12 hours..?
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    There are always exceptions, but your example is not that much of an exception as Froydis had repertory down from the violin.

    The point here is that there are many things that take time when preparing to play professionally. Quite a few have nothing to do with the mechanics of playing:
    sense of timing
    sense of style
    hearing the note before you play it
    knowledge of the art form
    natural talent

    In addition to these skills that can be developed with any instrument, comes the mechanics of playing. If you have the above, your focus is not on understanding why - you know that already. It is on understanding HOW and having exposure to people that can speed that process up.

    It is great when young people dream about the way they THINK things COULD be. When you get older, you discover the path to success is measured in (many) months and (many) years of living that dream. At the end of the day, all of the monsters got where they are the same way: Thousands of hours of investment and an immense amount of luck having the right people available at the right time and the opportunities to work with players better than themselves. It is ALWAYS the same story.

    5 hours a day is not tough. Trumpet is not sprint or track and field. Practice can be as simple as just walking. That is how I teach too. Play SMART and you don't have to play as HARD! It takes 7-8 hours to practice 5. That is why I used 5 hours as the goal. Devote working days to the trumpet and you can reap the rewards based on thousands of hours of practice.

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