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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by mazzrick, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. mazzrick

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    Sep 16, 2005
    Berlin, Germany
    Dear all Tmers,

    I am teaching a bunch of elementary/middle school students this summer who are at quite a beginner level. I've realized that a major problem with students of this level is that there is very little decent music for them to play and get excited about or interested in. Does anyone know of any begining level etude or song books (not method books) that have some decent and half-well written music in them. Pieces like in the back of the Arbans but in a smaller, less expensive package is what I'm looking for and maybe something a bit catchier. The Concone books I know are alright, but a bit too simple and plain and then all of a sudden a bit too difficult for these kids. I want to be able to suggest something to them, so any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

  2. USMCTrumpeter

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    Sep 15, 2005
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    You could try the Getchell books. I start students in the first book after they get the basics down. You can have them break up the exercises into 2 or 3 parts if they are too lengthy for them. My students tend to enjoy them....
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    Jul 11, 2007
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  4. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    I use:
    Trumpet Fancies: Hugh M. Stuart, Boston Music Company, ISBN 0.7119.1600.4
    and several beginners recorder books for my first year kids. I also have several "sing along" song books.
    Depending on the setting, a Hymnbook can also be a great source of inspiration! Not difficult (who can sing high notes on Sunday morning?), a practical setting for performance - even basic players, an appreciative audience!
  5. teacherchops

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    Jul 15, 2007
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    I'll second the Getchell Books. They offer great musical challenges (ie. lyricism, phrasing, articulation)and progress in a very logical manner. I use these with students ranging from beginners to college level.
  6. The BuZZ

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    Apr 3, 2007
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    I'll also cast my vote for the "First Book of Practical Studies for Cornet & Trumpet". You might want to check into "The Sigmund Hering Trumpet Course" thereafter.:cool:
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    Jun 1, 2006
    I second the Bolvin Book. I had a bunch left over from selling them at ITG and I made all of my young students buy them. They love playing them and the parents have said they are ALL practicing more!

    Andrew Kissling

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