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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by skuni, Nov 3, 2006.

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    Beginner books

    I learned on the Rubank books and did use the Herring 40 progressive etudes book (though I'm not sure this is for true beginners I did enjoy these etudes). When I get home from work I'll find out what book I just bought for my 9 year old daughter. It seemed to have a very logical approach and had supplemental info like illustrations of the parts of a trumpet and how to hold it.

    I would have started her on the Rubanks books, but Sam Ash didn't have an elementary method and mine is missing a bunch of pages. Intermediate and advanced are in much better shape. I'm sure my 40 Progressive Etudes book is in good shape as well. It will be interesting to see the notes scrawled by my teachers inside these books.

    Greg Glassmeyer
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    I find the Rubank books to be sort of like eating sand, awfully boring to try to slog through. Walter Beeler's Elementary Method for Cornet is terrific, and isn't as dumbed down as a lot of the modern methods. I also second the vote for Sigmund Herring.

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    im an intermediate trumpet player (4 years now), and the books i started on were yamaha books 1 and 2, but Essential elements are also becoming popular. Those books really helped, and im a succesful player.
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    I started on Mel Bay's method books back in 1978 or so.... :-(

    They worked for me! :-)

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