Bell Size Tonal Characteristics

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    Trumpets are horns. A bigger mouth on the horn means that slightly lower frequencies will be amplified more. It also means that the higher frequencies will become more "directional".
    Like any other single aspect of the horn, when pulled out of context, it is USELESS. We need to judge the entire product. Most of us have no where near the knowledge to base a decision on anything that we measure or read. We dummies need to PLAY THE DAMN THING to know better.
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    My teacher worked along with Mr. Shilke on various experiments. They experimented with different bell sizes.....he even played with a 6 inch bell for a while in the ballet. They found the size of the bell did not affect the tonal characteristics much at all. Its the flare of the bell that produced the greatest changes.
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    I can report on my perceptions of the differences in bell flare to tone regarding my Besson 8-10 and 2-20 models, for what it's worth. I have also conveyed this to Dupac, who has a 2-20 and is buying a 8-10. The 8-10 is a 50's model and the 2-20 is a sixty's model .
    What my impressions and observations are:
    1. The basic horn body, ist, 2nd, 3rd slides are the same for both, just the water keys are different, the 2-20's underslung and the 8-10 conventional.
    2. The valve blocks are pretty much the same. I use 2-20 pistons in my 8-10.
    3. The main difference is the size of the bell flare.
    4. The size of the 2-20 is significantly more open taper to a bigger bell opening, despite the diameter being about the same. It is necessary to
    to wrap a few winds of duct tape to enable a cupmute to make contact.
    5. The 8-10 has raw brass bell pipe now and the 2-20 is silver plate.
    6. The 8-10 has warm ( my view) tone, but definitely "smaller" than the 2-20, which I am now using in the swing band I play in.

    My unscientific look is that the larger bell taper is the contributing factor in the sound differences.
    I have a York Artist that has a more slender taper and definitely a "brighter"
    projecting sound producer and my Lemur pea-shooter is at the outer edge.ROFL

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