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    Nov 23, 2003
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    A couple of weeks ago I acquired a bottle of Bell's Super Lube. For the past 2 years or so I have been using BinaK Pro as my only valve oil. I like it because it lasts so long, but it has never been the fastest oil I have ever used. But last night I gave my French Besson a bath and then oiled up with Bell's Super Lube. The first time I tried the valves I thought, "Wow. Is this the same horn?" The Super Lube really made a difference in the smoothness and quickness of the valves.

    Bell's Super Lube comes in a bottle with a spray applicator. After one washes his horn and dries it, he sprays Super Lube down inside the cylinders, and then sprays a thin film onto the pistons. I don't know if it's the manner of application, the qualities of the oil, or both, but it really made my valves fast and smooth.

    You can contact the Super Lube folks at:

    justin bell [[email protected]]

    And for what it is worth, this isn't a paid endorsment of any kind. I just think it's a product some of you may wish to try.

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