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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by 714TptPlyr, Feb 14, 2010.

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    the Standard of Excellence books mentioned above have some nice thing, but lack others. Essentially they're geared toward getting a beginning band off the ground.
    The good: The have a lot of simple little tunes that kids enjoy, gives them some quick accomplishments. Most pages introduce a new musical element like time signature, accent, repeats, breath marks.... Another thing that can be cool, is the IPAS software that comes with the book. For many of the excercises in the book, you can practice along with your computer. The microphone hears what you play and graphically shows you where you begin and end each note compared to where you should have. It also shows you where your picth fell compared to the standard. The software also has a tuner and metronome built in. The other thing is the books are cheap.

    The bad: It doesn't focus on stuff we all need to work on. Lip slurs are absent and it doesn't focus much on scales. So if you choose these, you'll need to fill in these blanks with your own stuff or a more drill oriented book.
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    Thank You everyone for all the info! I have a good idea what to start with. Thanks every one

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    Hi 714TptPlyr,

    As you are new to TrumpetMaster you may not be aware that you may receive messages. Look for "Private Messages" under your "sign in" on this page. It will give the Unread count and the Total count of messages for you. Don't forget to check it to see when others have emailed you information instead of and/or in addition to postings on the forum. When I started I didn't see it and/or overlooked it for months before I finally checked for messages. I felt 'kinda dumb for sure!

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