Best teeth for trumpet playing (braces)

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    Not really, because this guy is like - PERFECT. The only thing remotely inverted here is that he uses this orifice in which to speak out of not up into.
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    The best teeth for trumpet playing are your original ones - however you twist and straighten them.

    Clean them as diligently as you clean your trumpet, have regular maintenance performed, and they'll serve you well.

    I'm not actually sure that teeth shape is too much of a problem - the old adage "tip of the tongue to the top of the teeth" says nothing of straight, or straightened teeth.
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    There are various theories about how teeth affect how well you can play, which makes sense because they form the foundation of the embouchure. You may be referring to some of these theories and stories of various prominent players who had cosmetic corrections done on their teeth only to discover that it interfered with their playing.

    There are even dentists who will intentionally introduce irregularities into people's teeth in an attempt to improve their playing. I have spoken to players who have had this done and who claim that it did make a significant difference for them. I once had a tiny gap between my two front teeth filled as a test and found that it did impair my playing until I had it reversed. I have also talked to players who are aware of using an irregular tooth as a "pivot point" on the embouchure for playing in the upper register.

    There are also many, many very good trumpet players with perfect teeth who have or have not had braces. The bottom line is that everyone is different. You are early enough in your playing career that you will adjust to the braces, and adjust to having them off, and probably will not have your long term playing ability influenced much either way as you develop as a player through the process. So don't worry about it. The advice of one of the previous posters was right on though. The best teeth are your own teeth, so take care of them.
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    And this is advice you can really sink your teeth into.

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