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    Oct 5, 2004
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    My auction was stopped with a BUY IT NOW, only to find out that ther person did not have a valid address and was trying to put a fast one on me. I contacted EBAY they cancel his account, but he is back.
    IF you are selling something on Ebay and you get the following kind of message, the Secrearty of States Office of MN has told me this is Nigerian Scamsters and BE WARE!

    "My client is interested in buying ur item and he wants to pay via Cashier check,he will issue a cashier check which will include the money for the item,my commission as an agent and also the shipping charges,Immediately u get the check,you will go straight and cash it at a check cashing point in which u will send the excess funds thru western union money transfer to my client shipper in africa the same day u get the check ,If u agree on this,kindly send me ur contact mailing address to send the check to with ur phone number. N.B ; He will be sending u a check of $4500 in which u will cash instantly and send the excess funds of $2800 thru western union to my client shipper the same day u get the check. I await ur reply. have a great day"


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