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    Hey TM'ers!

    I became curious as to Bill Adam's history with regards to his teaching- who did he study with, where did he play, and what else did he do that influenced his unique pedagogy? Thanks!
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    Excellent question! THe other site has a Bill Adam forum. In addition, check out: Bill Adam Tribute Web Site: Bio

    Interesting is that he studied with Harold Mitchell, among others.
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    Dec 23, 2009
    I'm studying with a Bill Adams student currently. Student meaning a music professional that earns his keep by a combination of teaching and playing. I think some of he biggest concepts I have gotten so far are getting a consistency in sound. e.g. play a Cickowicz flow study and have a nice sound all of the way through and then carry that on to all of the other warm-ups as well as anything I play. If it doesn't sound great, it has to be re-done. Also it can't be forced and a lot of emphases on breathing / good air flow and keeping the tongue low in the mouth. Reality is that like most things, the best way to really learn something from one's teaching is to have a private instructor that can tell / show you what you need to do or how to play and how to improve. A big piece has also been having work on things to improve issues, but not telling me what the issues are. (Yes figure that one out)

    Suggested reading is the "Inner game of tennis" There is a lot of psychological stuff that goes into how we perform and playing an instrument is no different.

    The Bill Adams approach is completely different from anything that I have done before, but I see similarities between it and other important concepts in playing the trumpet.

    So far since taking lessons from April of last year until now, I have noticed a significant improvement in sound quality, consistent sound across the registers, and not getting worn out quite as quickly because I'm letting the air do the work versus trying to 'force' the sound. Some others that fall into this category that are helpful are the Caruso studies and the Cickowicz flow and etude studies. Also been working on some vocal studies written out for playing on the trumpet.
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    My instructor is listed on the 2nd line of

    He was there at the same time as Chris Botti (some people seem to not like Chris Botti, but I really like his music) and although Chris Botti has his own sound, I was told that Botti used to tear it up playing a number of older Miles, Hubbard and other pieces... e.g. Botti has much more dynamic range of playing ability than most people probably know. (Per my instructor who was a couple of years older but there at the same time)

    Last year I got to meet Randy Brecker who played with the local Jazz Orchestra and gave a master class earlier in the day. He was also a Bill Adams Student!

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