Bill Chase: What a tragic 25-year loss of great trumpet music..

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    CHASE will never return, BUT, if you want to hear that CHASE sound again, today, with monster trumpeters, then head on over to Indiegogo and check out Ted Piercefield's campaign. Who's Ted Piercefield? He's one of the four ORIGINAL CHASE trumpeters who stood shoulder to shoulder with Bill. And after 40 years, he's back! Not only is he back, but he's got a bunch of his original killer tunes ready to record, in the style of CHASE. How can he write music in the style of CHASE? Because he arranged a number of those tunes in the '70s AND even wrote some. He also sang lead vocals on songs like, "Night," "Boys and Girls Together," and "Handbags and Gladrags." Here's the link:

    Ted Piercefield Returns | Indiegogo

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