Black Trumpet?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by lindajo, Nov 26, 2008.

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    By "fun", I hope that Robin is referring to the boy doing some 'customization' of his own on his own, quality trumpet. This should be supervised by a competant auto body painter, musical instrument tech, etc.

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    I believe Robin is referring to him painting his current horn after he receives an upgrade. That wouldn't need to be supervised by anyone but his parents.

    Lots of good suggestions here! I love to read threads about parents taking an active interest in their childrens music "careers". Keep us up to date!!
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    Here is the link to the Bachloyalist site . You can scroll down to the student trumpet lines and find the TR200 and 300 writeups. The TR200 is considered an intermediate by Bach. More expensive, also. Looks like he is doing well enough for a good horn for inside and a beater for marching band if her gets into that.
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    The TR 300 is the entry level horn. The TR200 is a minor upgrade, not a lot of difference. Either one could be a good horn for him. Have a local band repair shop check it out for valve, slide wear and acid rot. If the valves and slides are very worn the horn will play stuffy and out of tune. valves are expensive to rebuild. make sure he has a good BRAND name Mpc like a Bach, Benge, Conn, Holton 7C or a yamaha 11C4. Not a cheap copy. they really play badly

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