Blackburn piccolo trumpet leadpipes

Discussion in 'Mouthpieces / Mutes / Other' started by CalicchioMan, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. CalicchioMan

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    Dec 23, 2003
    Lombard, IL
    I just acquired a used Selmer picc and now after several previous attempts to master my "picc" chops..I think this time I wiil take more it seriously....

    I like the A side quite a bit...I have heard very good things about Blackburn picc leadpipes and will probably buy one eventually, but for now I just want to learn and get more experience with the Selmer first.

    Anyway, can Blackburn picc leadpipes be purchased from larger music stores (ie WWBW & Giardinelli) or only directly from Blackburn? Also any chance of finding a used one?

  2. dizforprez

    dizforprez Forte User

    Nov 2, 2003
    I recently picked up a Blackburn pipe directly from Blackburn and it helps. The pipe will not give you new abilities but it will help make things a tad easier. Now if that little bit of help is worth the $185 is a question you will have to figure out for yourself but I would give them a call.
  3. B15M

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    Dec 30, 2003
    Monroe Ct.
    I have a Selmer and I bought the lead pipes from Blackburn.

    It did help but not a lot. The trumpet plays badly out of tune.

    I can correct the tuning while playing but that is just another thing to think about when performing.

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