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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by NickD, Jun 7, 2005.

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    Sep 29, 2004
    Is the second horn the one you used on the Haydn?

  3. NickD

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    Heh, heh! Pretty tricky!

    I used the Special Edition Phaeton on the Haydn ("a B-flat trumpet!" he says defensively...).

    Now, folks, if you're reading this, don't read on if you want to take the blindfold test!

    OK, on the blindfold test, I used the GSC first then the Pheaton second on the Charlier and It Might As Well Be Spring. On the Shorty Rogers lick, well, I'm gonna keep that quiet till I relinquish the horn!

    Heh, heh!

    Mr. Laureano, I really appreciate your comments! As a legit player I am a dilletente and any chance to learn is something I relish. Anyone who can earn and retain the princiapl chair in a major orchestra has accomplished more than I can imagine.

    As to the two horns, they're both really nice. I do have a preferance, but the differences are subtle. I'll be concluding my contribution to the NYTC Special Edition tour tomorrow. I think it fitting that I leave it till then.

    As per your PM, I'm going to record the Haydn as a demo project next week. I'm going to use my E-flat. I'll try to leave more meat in the tonguing, though I was a big Mendez fan as akid, and I modeled all of my double tonguing after his. He used a pretty pointed attack. In fact, when I was on Maynard's band, we were asked top play cadenzas on the intro to MF's Pagliacci. I always put big long strings and scales and old qutoes from Mendez tunes wit lots of double tonguing. The Fox used to call me the "Tu-Ku-Tu-Ku" man (as well as studio man, a dubios nick name Alan Wise managed to stick to me!).

    So, I don't mean to brucs you off, here! I'll PM you. ;-)

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    Re: Heh, heh! Pretty tricky!

    It's the same order on the last lick too right?

    Keep the Phaeton, it sounds better. I don't understand why anyone said they liked the 1st horn on any of the licks.

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