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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by FlugelFlyer, May 6, 2005.

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    Reading another thread got me thinking about another topic, any of you have any stories of bluffing while playing the horn or else-wise? I'm not a seasoned pro, and definately not compared to others here, but I'll share a few of my bluff jobs: great, not so great, and failures.

    Greatest: This isn't related to the trumpet, but one time I was singing in a band for a battle of the bands competition, and I did the worst thing a singer could do, forget my own lyrics to a song I wrote! What ended up happening was I freestyled the rest of the lyrics and directed a ton of solo breaks. The song went nothing like planned, but we pulled through as a band and the song got the loudest cheers of the night. On another tangent, the winner ended up being decided bureaucratically, but that's another story.

    Not so great: This was during a large mass at a Catholic church in front of a bishop. Not only was I horrible that night, but noticeably horrible. No matter what I did, every other note was a fluff job, and I received plenty of sour looks from church goers. I tried to shrug it off, but the verdict was in. This is one of the times that I should have thrown in the white towel if such an act was permissible on the job. Thankfully, the music director at the church realized that it was a case of a bad day on the worst possible day.

    Could have used it: One time, I was asked to sit in with a big band. I was playing the fourth book on a live setting, and we were playing a very fast bebop tune, and I had anticipated it being four pages long when in fact it was seven. Suddenly, I was lost right in the middle of the performance. This was one of the times I could have used that ol' black[jack] magic.

    Anyways, I know some of you have to have some great stories. Feel free to share them if you're comfortable doing so. As I say though, there's two types of people in this world, those who've utterly embarassed themselves in the spotlight before and those that will.
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    I played a wedding one time and the bride was SLOWWWWWWW coming down the aisle and we got to the end of the piece. I was playing with a group of guys that were okay, but not great, but they were accustomed to playing together.

    I figured we would go back to the beginning of the piece, but nooooooooo....... they had a place they went back to but had failed to let the new guy in on the secret place. I said what the heck, I'm lost and I'm mad, so I let a descant rip right off the top of my head on the last 16-measures of the piece. I have no idea where it came from but it was fine!!!!!!!!!!!

    I got called a few weeks later by one of the guys who wanted to know where he could get a written copy of the descant I had played! To this day he does not believe that I made it up on the spur of the moment. Even I wish I had a tape of it! I amazed myself not only because it was good, but because I have no idea what got into me to do it right in the middle of a wedding!
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    Mar 15, 2005
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    I was performing Bach's Cantata 51 a couple of years ago. I was reading off of a photocopied organ/trumpet/sop score and everything was going great until I turned to the last page and it WASN'T THERE :-o I pooped a brick, right there on the church floor. I shuffled papers around looking for this page but it was no where to be found, and this was happening in the middle of the last movement so I couldn't exactly take five minutes to stop and look for it. I just had to suck it up and remember the part as best I could. As it was a score, the last page only had four or five lines of actual trumpet part and I managed to remember it well enough to fool the conductor and the orchestra (at least as far as I could tell...), thank god. That was not fun.

    Paperclips have since become my best friends.
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    Mar 29, 2005
    If anyone has ever played on ships, you will apprecatie this...

    New singer flies on board, who has never sung on a ship before. We have the rehearsal that afternoon, and she informs us her contract allows for her to have one hour of reheaseal and no more, becuase she doesn't get paid after that first hour.

    She hand the music to us, and it's for a full scale big band. The bands on the ships are usually 2 trumpets, one trombone, 3 saxs and rhythm. So after the first tune she starts yelling at us that she isn't hearing all these different parts -- we explain to her what's up. She wants to hear certian things, and she tries to sing the different parts, so we dig through all the parts trying to find what she wants, and pencil it in to the 1st and 2nd trumpet parts.

    This takes time, and the hour is up and we hadn't gotten through all of her set. She starts to leave, and we ask her about the rest of the charts, and she goes off about how she said she only got paid for an hour yadda.

    So the band goes through the rest of the stuff without her, praying that they will be straight foward.

    All goes well until the last tune -- Hmm was that Celine tune from titanic. Anyway, she starts at letter C on the tune. Only, we didn't know she was starting at letter C. The band starts at the top.

    I notice somthing isn't lining up right, but am not sure quite what the deal is. Didn't sound bad until...... She changed keys up a step and the band didn't heh. Best part is, there where 2 places where the key's changed, and so we had to guess which one she was on. We guess wrong -- heh.

    In the end, only the drummer and the bass player where playing, kinda... Never was so embrassed in all my life playing. Needless to say the singer through a tantrum backstage, and finally figured out that she hadn't started at the start of the tune.

    Wasn't really the band's fault, but was embrassing as hell -- Was ok, we used the bad times as an exuse to get drunk that evening after the show -- :)

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