Body pain from trumpet playing.

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by the newbie, Nov 28, 2011.


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    Apr 26, 2011
    A long time ago I strained my lower muscles due to improper use (straining) those muscles while playing trumpet. I thought it was a hernia, I was lucky, but had to stop playing for a few weeks so it didn’t develop into a hernia. It may be possible you maybe strained a muscle. You may want to have it checked out by a doctor, and look for a teacher to guide you in proper body mechanics for playing.
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    Try this: slowly push down on the painful area, compressing gently but firmly, then quickly lift your hand, thereby abruptly releasing the pressure. If the pain increases sharply upon release, that's called rebound tenderness and is a common sign of appendicitis. That would require medical attention rather quickly. Appendicitis has a lot of variability in the presentation, however, and the lack of rebound tenderness does not mean you're off the hook. I would see a doctor.

    The trumpet likely has nothing to do with it. I have used way more strain than one should ever use in the past, I never managed to get myself in pain with trumpet playing; not the stomach, not the neck, not the lips, not the jaw. Pain means that something is wrong; if it is playing related, then something in your playing is deeply wrong.

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    Your pain doesn't sound medically logical in relationship to trumpet playing. Trumpet pain should occasionally be related to too much pressure on the lips, in which case you're pressing too hard, or as suggested above, in your butt from sitting on hard unforgiving seats. If the pain only occurs during your playing then you're probably straining yourself somehow.
    Bye the way, if you don't have a doctor, perhaps you should get one, and probably get a teacher as well.:-P
    Dr. Mike.
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    You got to rule out an ingunal hernia and need a doctor to do so. Health cannot be ignored.
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    My GF is getting me an appointment with a Doc to check things out, I just thought maybe on the off chance that since my abdomin muscles are getting a work-out and firming up (i can feel they are harder, (I have the bottom 2 bottles of a six pack) that they would maybe be moving some things around inside.

    Thanks for the info.

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