Bombed my solo :(

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by SpiritDCI08, Apr 23, 2009.

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    Your looking at this very negatively - consider those poor souls who have never had a good gig - rejoice that you are able to tell / hear the difference.
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    A close friend of mine is Joe Messina.

    Never heard of him? Of course you have.

    He is the guitar player on most of the Motown hits from the 60s and 70s. One of the Funk Brothers, the rhythm section that backed all of the stars.

    One of the best guitar players...EVER!!!!

    And one of the happiest people in the world!

    My wife grew up 3 houses away from him and used to jam with him. (she is an organist)

    Joe is also a very accomplished chromatic harmonica player. Fabulous jazz music.

    When his latest harmonica CD came out he gave us one.

    My wife asked him if he was happy with it.

    His answer; "That's the way I played that day."

    It didn't matter if it was his best work, or his worst day..."That's the way I played that day."

    A great lesson....if you can learn from that.

    Don't sweat your solo, "That's the way you played that day."
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    Like others have said before me don't sweat your solo. Learn from your mistakes. Everyone has screws up once in awhile wheather its a solo, audition, gig or just playing in band.

    I remember when I auditioned for all distric honor band a couple of months ago, I was ready and prepared, I wasn't feeling nervous but once I got to the audition thats when the nerves kicked in. I just told myself that i didn't care what the outcome was. I went into the room, one of the judges was my band director also a trumpet player, I got REALLY nervous, my mouth dried up. I F***ed up 3 of 4 scales, my audition piece and all 3 sightreading pieces. I left that room ready to cry, the next day my band director tells me that the other judge liked my tone. Even though I was not happy at all with my performance i made 4th chair out of 6, 9 tried out.

    My friend also a trumpet player, when he gets nervous his hand starts to shake and so he gets a vibrato, he did his best and got 2nd chair.

    Even though the nerves got to me and I felt that I was a failure and maybe the trumpet wasn't the right instrument for me and about ready to quit and cry, I did the best I could do.

    Just do your best and be prepared.

    Give 100% of yourself, not 110% cuz thats impossible! LOL

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    Ok so it happens and it sucks - continue to work hard so the next time you can slay it

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