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  1. jonathansedlacek

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    Jul 23, 2011
    Because of the braces everyone has told me that i should use less less mouthpiece pressure and i have litteraly tried everything. From holding the trumpet in the palm of my left hand when playing to hanging the trumpet from the celing and none of it is helping. I cant hit as high but when i do i pinch and the note is way out of tune. Also i dont understand ant of this blow faster air stuff, when i try to blow faster thenotestays the same it just gets louder. Please help.
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    Jun 18, 2006
    with braces the geometry of your face changes. As playing is based on HABITS, your muscle memory is not good enough to play like you did before.

    The ONLY solution is intelligent, monitored practice. The transition CAN take 2 weeks - it can also take 2 years (I have had both types of students). If you were my student, I already would have tried to get you to switch with the second trumpet. Developing soloing skills can happen in the lower register and it makes you MUCH more attractive as a trumpeter later, it also relieves outside pressure AND gives you more achievable goals.

    Less pressure is at least a 1 year goal, not a couple of weeks during summer vacation. Changing the way that your face works is HUNDREDS of hours of investment. I do not think that "less pressure" is the right solution for you. Only those who have never really been through this would claim otherwise.

    This is not written to discourage you. I just think that false hopes are irresponsible. You can only do what you can do!
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    Jul 20, 2011
    Remember you must rebuild your embouchure. When you first started the trumpet, you did not have the range you have now. With the braces, you need to start over. You will need to train different muscle fibers. It takes time.

    One of the difficulties that comes with playing with braces is that the vibration and movement of the lips is restricted. You will need to become more precise with your playing. This includes the use of air. Don't think of more air. Think faster. Imagine water moving through a hose. To make the hose spray, you don't turn up the water at the faucet (ie push more air). You close down the end to make the water go faster and spray. You need to manipulate the air with your tongue - think HISSSSSS.

    Remember long tones and patience. I never thought I could get back to playing at a high level (pun intended) with braces. If you want it, you will work hard and it will come back slowly.

    Keep at it and good luck.
  4. jonathansedlacek

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    Jul 23, 2011
    thanks so much guys for the help.
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    There is a product that many of my brass students with braces use. It is called Morgan Bumper. You can get it from an orthodontist. They are small, flexible, plastic straw like things with a slit running long ways the length of the tube. You cut the length that suits you and sort of snap it on the braces. You just use it while you are playing. It keeps the braces from cutting your lips to ground meat.

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