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    Brass Band
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    Just a tip to you people who are into cornets & brass band music or who have never heard brass band music. If you go to , and then select "Radio" in the top bar, and then select "BBC Radio 2", and from there select "Listen Again", you'll get a dropdown list of programs you can hear. Most of the way down the left hand column there is one titled "Listen to the Bands" that features, each week, a selection of British Brass Band music.

    I guarantee you that if you haven't heard a good brass band before, you'll be amazed by what some of these folks are up to. You just have to get past the announcer's voice!

    "The Debutante" by Clarke is in this week's selection and played by the Grimethorpe Colliery Coal Band. Worth listening too, I'd say.
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    Re: Brass Band
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    I heard my first brass band concert two weeks ago... wow... 57 years old and never heard anything like that.

    It was the River City Brass out of PA. 28 players...

    They have several CDs. It made me want to go out and get a cornet... that's for sure.
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    You want to check out the Brass Band of Battle Creek in Michigan..... they were over here in the UK a few years ago. I heard them briefly at the Royal Albert Hall in London when they did a couple of numbers whilst we were waiting for the results of the UK National Brass Band Finals. I then heard them performing in Cardiff....we all thought they were magic. I bought one of their CDs that night, Brassmatazz and it still remains one of my favourites. :lol:
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    Brass bands are the coolest!! Our brass band is maaaad. I think that every trumpet player should play da cornet as well. Then u can really work on tone and things like that instead of trying to screeeech as high as u can on da trumpet.
    Yeah i have that Melody Shop cd by the Grimethorpe band its got clarke's debutante - funky stuff!!
    If ya really wana hear really good brass bands then i suggest you come to da land down under and listen to Australian brass bands cos theyre mad and a little different to the british ones.
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    I love the cornet and plan to add as many arrangements as I can for the art and interest in cornet playing and literature needs to be improved. The cornet is in no way a beginner’s instrument and the more we can promote it, the better people will understand its value.

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