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    Mar 7, 2008
    Robert D. Weast, my former teacher at Drake University used to publish a magazine for 8 years called Brass World.
    He stopped publication in the late 70's
    I believe it was a quarterly magazine.

    There is much historical value, including the advertisements, interviews with famous trumpeters, including his teacher, Maurice Andre.

    I have discussed with him making them available on a CD, like ITG does for all of its magazines.

    Would anybody be interested?

    What would be a reasonable fee?

    More about Robert Weast:
    Professor emeritus at Drake University.

    Prior to ITG, there was the National Trumpet Symposium.
    Robert Weast was chairman from 1971 to 1976.

    He was a student of Maurice Andre at the Paris Conservatory

    He was a clinician for Olds trumpets

    He has published several brass books:

    Brass Performance by Robert D. Weast. McGinnis & Marx, 1965, SS, 87 pages. An analytical text of the physical processes, problems and technique of brass. Its purpose is to define and evaluate the basic principles of the brass players' physical performance and present them in practical applications. The main topics, which are covered in detail, are tone production, the embouchure, air dynamics, diagnostic and remedial procedures, specifics of brass, and a precise guide to controlled playing.

    Keys to Natural Performance for Brass Players by Robert D. Weast. McGinnis & Marx, SS, 63 pages. The book contains instruction and exercises designed to promote "natural performance" which will lead one to reach their full potential. Topics (many with musical exercises) include: Chromaticism: Key to Correct Response, Repetition Key to Consistency, Timing and Coordination, The Pressurized Air Column, Mouthpiece Pressure, The Warm-Up, Strength and Endurance, Awareness Performance, The Growing Edge of Development, The Aural Image, and Learning Through Analogous Experience.

    Valuable Repetitions for Brass Players by Robert D. Weast. The Brass World, 1980, SS, 80 pages. The author has selected scales, chords, note markings, tonguing and rhythms from the body of performance techniques. They have been reduced to their simplest form and presented in exercises that feature repetitions. This books is for all brass players and all exercises are in both treble and bass clefs.

    I will soon be selling them as well.
    Email me if interested:

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