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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by ukcookie, Sep 1, 2005.

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    Sep 1, 2005
    Just recently started playing again after many years and glad I did. the biggest frustration to get over was the fact that I still had my playing knowledge (and to a point ability) but endurance etc was pitiful - it is getting better!!!!

    But, while researching the best ways of improving endurance and range etc - The internet (wasn't around when I learnt to play) has been fantastic as I have learnt loads of theory about playing which I didn't realise.

    Right reason for the post!!!!

    Can anyone direct me to a source on breath control and how to create the right pressure to go up the scales. I can play quite happily up to a high C but I think undue pressure on my chops at the higher end = low endurance and the limit on my range.

    My current playing requires a high E which I have hit but from straining to and effectively wipes out the rest of my practice so I know I need to change what I do.

    I may well go down the route to find a local teacher in the near future but any info you Guys can enlighten me with would be most welcome.
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    Get a copy of Claude Gordons "Brass Playing is no harder than Deep Breating".. which explains a lot of theory..

    Another one would be John Ridgeon's "How Brass Players do it!"

    Both available from June Emersons in the UK.

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