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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by music matters, Jan 2, 2006.

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    Mar 6, 2007
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    I used to notice that my wife''s rate of respiration when sleeping was much faster than mine (awake, obviously). I attributed the difference to my having been a wind player in my youth.
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    Apr 13, 2007
    I am currently taking a Tia Chi Class and as we move, we are supposed to breath in and out according to the forms we make. They teach the same principals i learned about when playing the trumpet. In Tai Chi, I learned an exercise on how to get the feel of how to breath:

    Breathing In: Breath first from the bottom of your stomachand fill it as much as you can then work your way up to your chest. One thing i learned to check to see if I am doing this correctly is to place my hands on my belly so that my middle finger tips are just touching over my belly button (when breath is out), then breath in as much air as I can and check to see how far appart my fingers got. Then I do the same thing for the bottom of my ribs and work my way up to the top of my chest.

    Breathing out: I do the same thing as before but this time, starting from my stomach, I start my fingers slightly apart (maybe a half inch or so) and breath out as much air as i can so that my fingers touch. This is how I learned to breath out from the bottom of the stomach which i find that it helps a ton on giving me support on my tone and attacks.

    Doing this execersice enough so that it came natural to me helped a lot for my tone, intunation, tounging, it increased my leves of dinamics and it forces me to sit up strait for you cannot do this while slouching.
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    "At a Jens Lindemann Master class, (Lindemann Masterclass in Arizona (Overview!)) Jens commented that when he stands beside Allen Vizzutti he is very aware of the length of the inhale. Where possible, take longer, slower, relaxed breaths. It’s a very good way to diminish tension and harmful nervousness."

    Just did a concert with Jens tonight. Nice guy. He looks like a cross between Kelsey Grammer and David Lee Roth. But he was super. His circular breathing technique was quite amazing.

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