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    Aug 15, 2010
    Alright, so in band practice we typically do a lot of breathing before warming up (in four out four, etc) and i get that having good air support leads to good tone and overall better playing, and i do good on the exercises; i have a huge air capacity and i can hold a steady fast stream of air.

    but theres a problem.

    its not tranfering over to playing trumpet. When we play our director always urges us to take in more air, and i have been doing that. But i cant empty my air out into my horn fast enough with out playing extra loud. Get what im saying?

    and to make matters worse, i pinch when i play above a c and i get a double buzz on a-c on the field, and my tounging is in shambles. I cant tongue 16th notes. i have an enormous tongue :thumbdown: and cant tongue fast enough though im taking in a lot of air.

    any help is MUCH appreciated. thank you! :play:
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    Jul 18, 2008
    I think that the band master is trying to instill a automatic reaction into your breathing pattern don't over think it .
    I am no master trumpet player and u will proberly will get a lot of advice from more quilified amoungst us but my 2 cents worth would be to think about articulating the sound too rather than ta this helps to greate a pointer tongue. Try playing scales untill you run out of breath. Don,t worry about your personal atributes. Long soft tones will help and try to relax don,t stress. Playing music is meant to be enjoyed.

    Cheers and may the trumpet gods blow sweet sounds apon us all
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    I think I can help:
    This will take a little imagination but it's worked for hundreds of students.
    When you need to play loud, imagine you are playing to someone a block or two away. Imagine the sound shooting out of your horn like a lazer beam going straight to that person two blocks away.
    If you can:
    Yell for a taxi
    Yell for a friend
    Yell at some jerk that just spashed you while on the way to school on a rainy day
    Yell at some young kid that's getting ready to walk into a busy highway
    Then you can play loud.
    Play like you're yelling at someone a couple of blocks away.
    Hope this helps
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    While not into the whole "Yin and Yang" thing (being more into "Cheech and Chong" [albeit 30 years ago]) it sounds like you have invested more into breathing in than blowing out. Try the following at home, maybe first without the horn:
    Blow a focused airstream out, emptying your lungs, breathe in (without focusing on the process) and blow again--repeat. After a while, you may well notice that focusing on the blowing forces our breathing to be more efficient without the tension of trying.

    We cause the trumpet to sound by blowing; sometimes focusing on the breathing causes us to suck.

    Have fun!
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    The air does NOT dispell as quickly at lower volume levels and higher notes if the chops work properly. The entire breathing/play thing is a cycle. I call it circle of breath. We inhale in a relaxed way, without holding the air in, we immediately exhale. The trick is to learn to fill up gracefully using the time available. This avoids tension. If we BREATHE IN!!!!, we have to release that tension before exhaling playing. That seems to be your problem.

    If we can maintain the infrastructure for the circle of breath (stand up, feet about shoulder width apart, head over the spine, chin slightly tucked in, shoulders back and not artificially up - it is MUCH easier to get that big breath in a way that does not destroy your playing afterwards. Do a search on circle of breath. I have posted it here at least 50 times.

    DO NOT MESS WITH YOUR EMBOUCHURE AT THIS STAGE!!!!! The first step is to get the body use figured out. Without proper breathing, we only twist our faces to get results. You are obviously doing this now.

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