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    Nov 12, 2012
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    The thing that triggered my "comeback" (it still feels pretentious to call it that) was picking up a horn after two years of singing lessons and a lot a time spent working on breathing (and all the mind games that singers use to get the best out of their instrument). I'd had a good trumpet teacher and learnt sound breathing and breath control all those years back. There is however fantastic synergy between playing trumpet and singing. I also noticed that playing trumpet before singing was like having an amazingly effective vocal warm-up. Everything feels so freed and relaxed.

    Obviously as a late starter to singing, and not being gifted with naturally great pipes, opera is not on the menu for me. It's great to hear that the cross-over benefits work for a professional singer too.
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    One thing for sure, it has been a very big problem with my lungs which due to smoking I've now been diagnosed with COPD, had a triple open heart bypass, an AAA and been cut from top to bottom, thus nothing now works at optimum ... but I'm still blowing my horns and doing so decently while maybe not exceptional. Now, I'm just not about to reprise an 8 measure euphonium drone for my rendition of We Three Kings of Orient Are, but even with a nasal cannula feeding me a 2 liter flow, I can still play to my contentment and my pulmonologist has said my gimmicks are as good as what he could provide. When I started blowing up those little balloons it took me nearly a dozen breaths to do so, and now I can do it in 3 breaths. Too, frequently I still play a tuba and still regularly play a euphonium, but I know I'm getting to a point where such will not be so often or potentially not at all.
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