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    This gets brought up occassionally and it is sort of a sore point for me as I was given one of these Buffet Crampon Bb trumpets, of which I'm sure you're talking, in 1968 as my 12th birthday present and it was stolen some 40 years later by a High School student to whom I had loaned it. In 1968 it was a very high quality, professional level, trumpet that set my Dad back well in excess of $300. In trying to replace the stolen trumpet I did quite a bit of research into what I had lost. I started out assuming it was a stencil horn manufactured to BC's specs. I looked all over the internet for horns that bore a resemblance to it, compiled a list and began contacting those companies with my sad story and pleading for information. One of the trumpets that I thought it looked like was the Kanstul 1500 so I contacted Kanstul who sent me to Werner Duwe of BC. Werner told me he thought it had been manufactured by Zig Kanstul. I had since acquired some photos of the trumpet so I emailed Zig back and asked him to look at the photos and see if he couldn't better recall who had put together this beautiful trumpet. Zig, via Charles Hargett, told me that he remembered the horn and that Buffet Crampon had made it themselves. Having received word from Werner Duwe that he didn't think BC had made trumpets in the 1960s (they had lost all of their records in a fire - kinda like Getzen, apparently) I emailed Charles back and asked him to ask Zig again if he was sure of its origins. I got a pretty quick response that Zig was "quite sure" that Buffet Crampon" had "indeed" made that trumpet. Zig Kanstul has had on and off relationships with Buffet Crampon for many years (including the years in question for this trumpet). For several of those years I think Doc Severinsen was involved with Buffet Crampon and Zig Kanstul and had, reportedly, a habit of developing and redeveloping and redeveloping and fine tuning his signature models. I sensed a little tension in Mr. Hargett's final email - perhaps this trumpet was part of that whole fiasco and Mr. Kanstul wanted little or nothing to do with remembering it. I don't know; I'm speculating wildly now. What I do know is it was a marvelous instrument. It slotted beautifully and had a rich warm tone (which, naturally as a 12 year old, I attributed to my own vast talent).

    Some things I came across in my research:

    These instruments also bear some resemblance to some of Rudy Muck's models (at least his early 1950s work).

    There was a later issue by Buffet Crampon called the American that had some of the characteristics of my trumpet but it was manufactured in Germany, had a tighter wrap, the third slide trigger was quite different and it just "wasn't the same".

    Some of the above mentioned instruments went out with the Evette Schaeffer engraving but travelled in a Buffet Crampon case (they're allied companies).

    I've heard of balanced models (Dillons has had one for sale for $695 for awhile) but mine was not balanced. Many of the finish elements looked strikingly "Selmeresque".

    There is a guy on TH (I hope he doesn't mind my giving out his name) who goes by Seouljourner (I think I spelled it right) who has more than one of these instruments and who shared pictures of his with me when I was searching for the replacement.

    Anyway, I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for another like mine (on Shopgoodwill or Craig's list or Ebay). They show up occassionally on Ebay but usually go for more than I want to spend. Dillons often will have one or more but never with the exact configuration and finish I remember mine had.

    Finally, rest assured I will never lend a trumpet of any value to a High School kid. The band director reimbursed me $1000 (I think out of his own pocket) but I still don't have that very fond tie to my Father and my musical childhood.
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    Check out BrassReview.com

    It has almost every trumpet listed that has been manufactured, even the off brands, gives a review, specs and average pricing.
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    thanks for the sweet link rush
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    Interesting site rush. Thanks.

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