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    Thanks for all the comments. This is very helpful.

    As a side note..David... I have a prerequisite that only students in performing groups may take theory. Non-performing group members can (and should) take a course taught by our vocal teacher called Music in our Lives. This eliminates people who can't read a note of music from coming into this "upper division" class.

    So here is what I have so far:
    First few weeks will be a review of key sig's, circle of fifths, scale construction, modes, how to solfege, notation rules, clefs (treble, bass and C), major/minor identification (aural), listening to various excerpts and talking about them from a critical perspective.

    Moving to chord types, chord identification (aural), beginning part writing and voice-leading, use of solfege for sight-screaming and aural dictation.

    Then to roman numeral analysis, non-harmonic tones, modulation, secondary dominants in both major and minor. Composition projects applying those concepts will be assigned to assess student understanding.

    The last part is always where I tend to be a bit more open...I've done formal analysis before using Beethoven 5, conducting, arranging for the hs band, composition for solo instrument and piano.

    Alot of that depends on where I think they are at the end of the year and what they are capable of exploring. I like the end of the year to be a "stretching forward" and experimenting with what they've learned period, rather than looking back.
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    One suggestion i would make, and I am sure you have already thought of it, is to make the homework assignments a little more free, and should reflect the theoretical idea being taught, but with a lot of leeway for creativity so that the students feel like they are composing, and not just doing an assignment. My theory teachers in brooklyn College did that, and it mae a big difference. it also taight me that I can be a composer.

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