Building Endurance!!!

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by tonidimitri, Nov 29, 2007.

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    I agree here and with Adam. I relate well with what Adam said.

    Another thing that helps my endurance is doing excersizes with "Chop Stix". They are weighted sticks that are used like the old pencil excersizes. After a good practice session in the morning before work, I will do these excersizes in the car on the way to the office. You continue to work the facial muscles, but give your lips a break. I feel like this has made a big difference in my endurance. I can do a fairly gruelling 2 - 2 1/2 hour rehearsal, and although I will be tired, I can complete it with gas left in the tank.
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    I think we deal with two kinds of endurance. The first is what I'll call the "Tower of Power" kind, playing high, clean and loud riffs followed by rests all night long, and the second is of the "Philip Glass" variety, where the horn just doesn't leave the face at all. It appears that you are refering to the "Philip Glass" type.

    Like Rowuk said, etudes up front.

    For the true Obsessive-Compulsive types, play the last eight bars of the etude perfectly a few times in a row, then the last sixteen perfectly the same number, then the last 32.... We get some endurance, but our bodies "learn" to feel fresh at the end of the piece, not just the beginning.

    Reducing pressure, even for an eighth rest can also go a long way towards keeping our chops fresh.
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    yeh thanks guys,
    today while i oractised i was focusing alot on breathing and just playing more relaxed i found that mentally also its easier because the truth is its not really hard work unlesswe make it.
    "rowuk'' ive been doing those clarke tech studies up and octave at ppp for years and i love them!! i feel its great to also add variety. when you work on something for a month, leave it and then return after 2 weeks or so it becomes easier. although about these charlier etudes, i was told going back a year or two ago that they were actually composed for violin or something? thats not true it is...
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    OOOO ... I love tower of Power hahaha...

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