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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by frankmike, Jun 28, 2010.

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    Yeah! Let's make this a HAPPY thread instead of the festival of "guard house lawyering" the last one was.

    I've heard LV is great for busking, and in fact the Blue Man Group and a bunch of others got their start there.

    I've been in Waikiki and frankly, it's so hot and danged humid that there are not a lot of people around outside during the day. Things would liven up in the evening, as soon as the sun was down, then you'd have from then, right about 6PM, until 10PM when things were really hopping. Now, once the clock hit 10, it seemed the "vibe" would change to a more how do I say this? Sleazy, "adult", even dangerous, vibe. Some buskers told me they make more money during this late time, but keep in mind in Waikiki, this is the time the stuff like muggings would happen. So: 4 hours of "wholesome" time and for the die-hards, 4 hours of "not so wholesome" time. Waikiki also has a ton of coffee houses, restaurants, clubs, etc etc etc yadda yadda, where a musician can play inside. Trumpet's not considered a coffee house instrument, but a cornet with a Harmon mute, is one thing I've seen used successfully in one.

    There's probably some correlation between how Waikiki works and LV. The "wholesome" hours may extend later in LV, since it can be daylight later.

    I'd definitely give it a try, and also consider "unusual" ways to make $ with your trumpet like, being hired to play with a "sandwich board" or sign or some sort to tout this or that club or restaurant, etc.

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